About this book

Origins of biodiversity: an introduction to macroevolution and macroecology

by Lindell Bromham and Marcel Cardillo
Published on 2 May 2019 by Oxford University Press

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A unique introduction to the fields of macroevolution and macroecology, which takes an enquiry-led approach to exploring the evolution and distribution of biodiversity across time, space and lineages.

  • The only introduction to macroevolution and macroecology to adopt an innovative enquiry-led, case study-based framework to encourage active learning and critical thinking.
  • Extends the study of evolutionary biology and ecology beyond the topics covered in typical undergraduate texts
  • Explores the nature of scientific investigation by emphasising hypothesis testing, and highlighting the range of analytical tools available to contemporary researchers.
  • Encourages active student-driven learning by using open questions and current debates to promote critical thinking, identify interesting and important problems, and demonstrate how to frame testable research hypotheses.
  • Combines these three skills – an understanding of macroevolutionary and macroecological principles and patterns, a grasp of hypothesis testing, and the ability to identify important questions – to allow students to look at the world with new eyes and develop an understanding of why the biological world is as it is.


About the Authors

Lindell Bromham & Marcel Cardillo, Macroevolution and Macroecology Group, Division of Ecology & Evolution, Research School of Biology, Australian National University, Canberra ACT 0200, Australia.

Lindell Bromham’s main research focus has been in the application of DNA sequence analysis to investigating evolutionary patterns and processes, applied to a range of questions in evolution, ecology, conservation, genetics, bioinformatics, development, virology and linguistics. Lindell has taught evolutionary biology at five universities in three countries and has written several undergraduate textbooks: the latest, An Introduction to Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics, was shortlisted for the Royal Society of Biology Undergraduate Textbook Prize of 2016.

Marcel Cardillo’s research focuses on understanding and explaining broad-scale patterns of biodiversity such as latitudinal gradients and biodiversity hotspots, explaining patterns of extinction risk and predicting future loss of biodiversity. Marcel has lectured on topics in macroecology, macroevolution, biogeography and conservation biology at universities in Australia and the UK.

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